Vomitoma – Nuclear Cesspool Of Parasitic Scum CD


Álbum da banda de Goregrind,Vomitoma,lançado em 2009.

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CD Simples (Caixa Acrílica)
Ano: 2009
Procedência: Internacional
Gravadora: Seweradiationoise Records
Estilo: Goregrind


1. Gritty & Greasy
2. To Regurgitate Live Insects
3. Bags Of Discarded Sarcoma Tissue
4. Pulsating Teratoma Membrane
5. Bloated, Busting Wall Of Intestines
6. Coughed Up. Chewed Up, And Swallowed
7. Miscarriage Through The Colostomy Bag
8. Skinflap
– Acidic Abortion
– Suppurative Gastro-Sewage
– Slough Blisters
– Green/White/Purple
– Autoerotic Laceration
– They Will All Die At My Hands…
– Poxed & Perforated
– Expulsed Esophageal Elements
– Septicoccus
9. Pre-Masticated Stagnant Chyme
– Fill The Mouth With Broken Glass, Sew It Shut
– Stench Of A Female
– Siamese Miscarriage
– Grave Wax
– Enterobacteriaceae
– Soft Vibration Of Bones Breaking
– Septic Convulsions
– Over-Inhalation Of A Poisonous Purulent Mist, Causing Death
– I Vomit Into Her Suppurated Throat
– Melting Into Carbonized Paste
10. Erotic Penetration Of Worms
– Eaten Alive For The Thrill
– Chunks Of Uric Sludge
– Systematic Devourment Of The Ant Covered Carcass
– Spiders Flow From The Wounds
– Adipocesspool
– The Dead Look So Alive With All The Insects Feeding…
– She Was Wet With Rot
– Darkened From Decomposure
– Cemetery Landscape
– Diseasewagenitals
– Curdling Of The Maggot Skins
11. Pus-Filled Abortion Tomb
– Busted Sores & Bloated Bodies
– Nasophatyngeal Myasis
– Fetal Poisoning
– Histerectomeat
– Embalmed And Plasticised For Necrophilic Experimentation
Fragmented Fly Egg Regurgitation
12. The Still-Birth Of The Sarcomaggot
– Growth From Septic Matter
– Worms Flooded Out Of Her Cervical Orifice
– Green Cadaver Honey
– Stagnant Tombs Overgrown With Mold
– Jelly-Like Ebola Patient
– Fetal Deformities Caused By Parasites
– Shit Forced Back Into The Body Through The Colostomy Hole
13. Green Showers (Intro)/Sandblasted With Bile
14. Gelatinous Pusfilled Membranic Cysts
15. Rotting In The Oven
16. Reverse Vomit Osmosis
17. Mass Of Purulent Bodies Adhesing To One Another
18. Ejaculate In Her Bladder
19. Boiling Septic Tank Vapors
20. Smothered In Busted Glass And Rusted Razors
21. Scrape Fetish
22. Spider Nest In The Nasal Cavity
23. Cunt Skin Condom
24. Fragmented Stomachal Slop
25. Slow Styric-P Slop
26. Submerged In Tapeworm Guts
27. 20 Chunks Of Human Scrape


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