Tumour ‎– Stories Of The Undead “Warriors Of The Wasteland” CD


Álbum da banda polonesa de Goregrind, lançado em 2005.

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CD Simples (Caixa Acrílica)
Ano: 2005
País: Holanda
Procedência: Internacional
Gravadora: Last House On The Right
Estilo: Goregrind


1. No Turning Back From The Path Of Eternal Damnation And Horror
2. Acceptable Body-Count
3. Mass Tissue Lost Pt. 1
4. 300 Pounds Of Prime Hamburger Meat
5. Falling Apart
6. Warriors Of The Wasteland
7. The Love-Doctor
8. Quest Of Dead
9. Without A Choice
10. Drugs To Cover Up…….
11. Dead Infection Cover
12. Carnivorous Spinache
13. Me And My Lobotomy
14. Head Filled With Pus
15. Torture, Murder, Mutilation
16. Shut The Fuck
17. Supply Of Body-Parts
18. To Conquer Death Itself
19. Indecent Exposure
20. Become Necrotic
21. Scraping Flash From The Bones
22. On The Cutting Edge Of Medical-Science
23. Shall We Watch It Burn?
24. Crispy Corpse
25. Stories Of The Dead
26. Gut Cover
27. Mad-Scientist Going Mad
28. Dead-End
29. Zombie-Blend
30. Died In The Pool
31. Magnum Slug
32. Self Mutilation And Sacrification
33. Visions In My Mind Become Flesh
34. Mass Tissue Lost Pt. 2
35. The Patient Expired
36. House Full Of Shit
37. The Need To Feed
38. Amputate At Instant Sight
39. I Zombie
40. Lost In A Lake Of Vomit
41. Dr. Gore
42. Haemorrhage Cover


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